"The Church With The Outdoor Enthusiasts in Mind"

Daystar Chapel


As needs arise and in accordance with guidelines in Acts, the church may provide financial or material assistance, or benevolence, to members of our church family or the community who may be in need. The purpose of the Benevolence Ministry is to provide financial or material aid to an individual who is in need on an urgent basis. Benevolence is defined as an act of kindness, charitableness, good will, generosity or expressions of Christian love intended to address the needs of the poor and distressed. It is specifically intended to address “life-threatening” or “life-hindering” situations. We have a fund in place to allow us to meet needs as they arise and only as we are able.

All requests for assistance MUST be submitted in writing to the Advisory/Elder Board, who oversee this fund and review all requests for assistance.​​


We support the following ministries:

Metro World Child

The Church With The Outdoor Enthusiast in Mind